Friday, September 21, 2012

Police, Black Bloc, Pizza, and Meditation. Or Tommy Douglas had a CSIS file.

In Victoria Park, on Sept 17, 2012, Occupy London Ontario held a solidarity rally with the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, which started the the whole thing.  Over a hundred arrests in New York as of my last check.  Seems to me, that the cops were kind of excited at the prospect of finding out whats going on.

Early in the evening, 2 police officers approached the group, and said that if we needed anything, they were there to "help" us.  He also said "we're not starring you down", when there were 3 cruisers in plain sight, a 4th and a 5th one hiding, as well as a bike cop watching the entire time.

It was a colossal waste of money and time, to have at least 6 different officers actively surveilling a small peaceful gathering of local activists, celebrating with pizza, iced tea, a meditation circle, and a photo op.(thanks guys :P)

I find this kinda funny.  We don't want to communicate with the agents of the state which we are fighting.  You don't or can't or won't understand, because most of you seem to have not bothered to remember you're oath.  The last time the state actively monitored political organizations, was during the g20.  Egg in the face.  Every single one of you that followed unlawful orders that day should be ashamed of yourself.

But of course, you aren't.  Instead you try to justify your actions by saying that if the black bloc tactic wasn't used, you never would have had to arrest and break so many laws.  I call bullshit.  The police were well aware that this was going to happen, and they did nothing to stop it.  Instead, they "pulled back".  I put that in quotes, because that's the orders they were given.  When they had a chance to arrest and stop those who were not entirely peaceful, they retreated.

In a double violation of their oath, they went in to queens park the next day, and started kicking people out, and beating and arresting peaceful protesters.  Cowards go after peaceful people.  Cowards go after those who had nothing to do with the black bloc tactic.  Cowards surveil  peaceful activists.  Cowards harass those same activists.

Cowards are afraid to arrest those in black bloc.  25,000 cops, 250 black bloc.  Liars and cowards.

We are not children.  We do not let the nanny state tell us what we can and cannot do. If we disrupt you, it's because many of you need to be disrupted out of your oh so precious life.  You've been thinking about yourself for sooooo long, that you've forgotten those around you, who have been beaten, marginalized, and threatened by that state which you support.

The conversation about all this isn't enough.  Yes, it's good to talk and debate things with each other, but at the same time, we need action.  We need people of conscience, to stand up when ever they see things that don't fit in to any moral code I've ever read.  Those people should be the police, but since they are the ones breaking the code, that task must fall to the people.  I urge everyone who reads this, to wake up a bit.  I have made a list here of causes and issues.  Do some research on just one of these subjects, and tell me how there is no state involvement.  Tell me how the state is actually trying to correct these things.

Fact is, you won't, and nor can you.  And if you try, I will rip your points to shreds.  Because I've spent the time.  Looking at it from both sides.  Checking for alternative explanations.  The problem with the world today, is the state system we have.  Time for people to start taking care of themselves and each other, instead of the uncaring, and unthinking masses we have today.

Or continue to let the state run the world, so that people will have to die in wars over gold, oil, and drugs. G.O.D.

The problems are ones that are created by "society", so why would we ask "societies" permission to change them?

Also remember, YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE STATE!  Unless you tell them otherwise, the state gains your agreement through acquiescence.  That same state would have you believe it gives you your rights, when they are in fact, inalienable.  Yes, it is nice that the state recognizes some of these rights, but it does not recognize them all, nor in all contexts that it should, like peaceful activism.

Tommy Douglas had a CSIS file.  Any money says I do to....

Monday, September 17, 2012

The death Penalty and other thoughts.

These are just some random thoughts in no particular order.  I think too much...

America is so far behind behind because they forgot about the separation of church and state....oh, and a general sense they are better than everyone else...good ol' fashioned religion.  god loves us all, but if we don't do like were told, then we go to hell.  It's a way for them to marginalize people.  We're american, we believe in god, and god says eye for a fuckin eye.  Does anyone else find this attitude abhorrent?  How many people die innocently?  And if they're sooooooo fucking concerned with life, as in unborn babies, then how come they don't think that one innocent is too much?

Even here in canada, we have innocent people imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit, including murder.  There's one story I know of, where they can't actually let him go, but they know he's innocent, but for some bullshit legal reason, the crown refuses to acknowledge that the man is innocent.(I think he gave a confession under duress)

The point I'm making, if we had the death penalty here, innocents will die.  It is better to let an innocent man stay in jail, than kill him outright.  I'm not saying it's not wrong, because it is, but at the same time, at least we don't kill them outright.

Now, I'm going to talk about lust, and how the christians have warped such things beyond recognition.  They talk about lust like it's a BAD thing.  It is a sin to look at women or men and admire their beauty.  Everyone has had a sexual fantasy about someone they didn't love.  It's not about objectifying men or women, but an inherent situation of our imaginations.  Whether we act on these fantasies or not, is one of the things that separates us from most other species of animals.

Christians say we have to control these thoughts, and that we should do what we can to control our surroundings, and those around us.  It is the nature of the bible.  One of control and hierarchy.  Don't get me wrong, Jesus said many a great thing, but the fact of the matter, is that the people responsible for his message, got it wrong and warped it into something it's not.  Filled it with mumbo jumbo, and "miracles".  Where are the miracles now god?  Why don't you show us some of your power.  The whole fucking world is full of Sodom's and Gomorrah's.

I say that, not because I believe in god, but because I don't.  Asking a useless question to no one in particular is kinda helpful.  Soothes the beast that is inside of me. The beast that has been brought to bear upon the elite constructs of this world.  Because they have done much to ravage the beauty of human existence with their hate, their greed, and their unthinking callousness.  Many wars have been fought in the name of god and G.O.D. or Gold, Oil, and Drugs for those who don't know.

Most people don't know, don't care, or are so fucked up that even if they wanted to do something, they couldn't, because that one speck of radioactive material found it's way into the babies mouth, or the budget cuts were so bad they couldn't afford to do a lifesaving operation, even though everything they needed was their, or they were wrongfully arrested, beaten in jail, and is now incapable of holding a spoon, much less demanding direct action against the state.

Just because you figured out that if you had more and more babies being born into families that you have grouped with, who just happen to believe the same thing you do, (because if you didn't, they'd probably end up killing you, or enslaving's in the bible eh...) and by you, I mean all the white men who control the church, because we are entitled to it or some bullshit.