Friday, December 13, 2013

Ohm: Resistance is FUN!!!!!

Err, that's what the state would have you believe.  I happen to believe in even small victories.

A particularly heinous individual, who happens to be an actor in uniform, carrying a real firearm,(I don't think we should let actors have weapons that work, lest they act dramatically, and tragically, kill someone... rip Sammy Yatim and the millions of people killed by those with "authority") has leveled some pretty serious harassment, against my partner and I.

My partner, happens to suffer from PTSD, and as such, is triggered when rather porcine members of the public, who knock on our door, and threaten us, and shine their flashlights through our windows, and bang on the glass, nearly hard enough to break it, and call and call and call and call and call and enter the house without any permission.  All, apparently, in accordance with his duties.  (I don't really believe that last part either...especially when he left the plastic handcuffs on our doorknob.)

For a "bail check".

A bail check, that was never successfully completed, (:D :D :D)because in order for the pig to do so, he would have had to violate our rights.  And he knows it.  Why else would he not bother getting a warrant?  Why not, if you're allowed to harass someone, why not just open the door and harangue them in their home?  BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED PIG!

Oh, BTW, stay the fuck off my property.  I confirmed with a landlord.  I have every right to ask anyone to leave the properly, or they can and will be charged with trespassing. So pig, next time I ask you to leave the fucking property, leave.  :D  Oh, and one more thing... I know you're reading this, so in closing, Fuck you 109322. :D :D :D  How many other homes have you invaded?  Without cause?
I took this selfie just for you. :D ☮
And I'd just like to let the world know, that yes, yes you can resist "bail checks",(better known as hamrassment) and yes, yes you can win battles against the police.  Albeit small ones, it is possible.  Bigger ones are coming, but the harper has to be dealt with too....
FFS ALREADY GHANDI AND MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DIDN'T EXIST IN A FUCKING NON VIOLENT BUBBLE.  YOU HAVE TO GET MAD.  So fucking mad, but so focused.  The pigs were put in their place, as was SWiNe.. Like at Elsipogtog where they got mad.  And stopped the transgressors.
Comic Relief
I hope you understand the 2 things I'm bring attention to.  But the main idea behind it.  That is, resistance is not futile.  It's fun!!  Burning cop cars is so much better than burning tarsands oil in our communities...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fuck the Police: Chapter 1

2 weeks ago, the cops arrested my partner, Mary Mac, walking home from a friends place after a few drinks.  Supposedly for public drunkeness or some such bullshit, except that lie was quickly overshadowed by who her husband was. So much so, they made sure to drop my name several times, and try to get information about me, via my partner.  They also made sure to let her know that they were bringing her downtown, because of me, and otherwise, they would have just brought her home(or so they say...)

So, they arrested her 4 blocks from home, and took her downtown.  Upon finding out that she was menstruating, they thought it would be cool to ignore her for hours, while she bled down her leg and pants, before finally giving her feminine products..  When they went to fingerprint her, she pulled her hand back, as she had burned it pretty badly earlier that week.  The cop it her in the back of the head.  As they're leaving the room, I guess the cop got impatient at the speed at which Mary was walking.  So he smacks her in the back of the head again.  She probably shouldn't have turned and pushed back, but at the same point in time, the cop  aren't there to use force against someone who's complying. (Mary does nothing but comply with the cops.  I've never seen her raise her voice, and she answers every question, sometimes, to her detriment, so to smack someone in the back of the head, who's had multiple concussions, when all she did was have a pain response, is just a little fucked...ftp)

In the morning at the courthouse, they have her charged with assaulting a pig orficer, but no drunk in public bullshit..  They release her on conditions not to enter any establishment that serves alcohol... Since she works in a restaurant, they allowed it for work only. (fucking stupid, considering she wasn't at the bar that night... and I know, I've been saying she was walking home from the bar, but I was a bit confused about that night up until recently)

A couple of days after she's released, pig #109322 comes to the door, for a "bail check."  Says he wants to come in, and make sure she's not drinking.  At 10 in the morning.  When she's still in pajama's and watching a movie.  This is also the same pig who asked her out on a date, after "searching" her, for "jaywalking" last year.  Mary and I had been having an argument that night, and porkrott said to her, "well my wife just left me too...wanna go out on a date?"  After feeling her up...good job pig.  So when this pig, who makes over a hundred grand a year (
City of London - Police ServicesPOTTRUFFMICHAEL DAVIDConstable 1st Class$101,781.39$460.32)
, to intimidate and harass people, comes over to do a "bail check" on her, she's understandably upset, and it triggers her PTSD.  It also doesn't help, when after informing him he's not coming in, and she's going to call me, he goes and starts banging on all the windows with this thug stick.

I came home that day, after Mary called me at work, and found the pigs were still in the driveway. (at least 20 minutes later) Apparently, they felt a little guilty, and left moment's after my arrival.  Seemingly with their tail between their legs, as they didn't try anything further that day.

A couple of days after that, the same pig comes by again.  He's been warned that he's triggering Mary's illness, and yet, the pig still comes by.  When there's no answer at the door, he then proceeds to rap on all the windows with his thug stick, like the fucking bully that he is.  Terrorizing my wife, who's having a full blown panic attack now.

This happens once or twice more, and then stops.  Mary has been on bail before, and has had conditions before.  Never has a cop come for a "bail check", and even if they have a new program now, why send the same pig, over and over again?  One the cops  know quite well, I ain't gonna say shit to, other than "fuck your hat."  As he's been stalking and harassing us for over a year.

Back to the story, sorry for the sidetrack, I felt it was nesessary to give a little background...

Last night, Mary's good friends Yas Taalat, and Bobby McIntosh, from Dead Celebrity Status came to play at the APK Live.  I knew from past experiences, that Mary wasn't going to bow down to some fucked up conditions, and stay away.  We went for the meet and greet, and I got to meet her friends, and it was a great night.  Until I saw flashlights through the fence out back.

I went out front, saw cops to the left, and cops to the right.  I went back in the bar, to the patio, and my friend checked the back door.  Yup,you guessed it.  Bacon.  Surrounded. They come in, arrest her, take her out the back.  I start yelling at them.  I dare them to give me another summons for saying fuck(as I've already said it loudly several times..maybe they'll give me a summons in the mail...fuckin pigs)

I'm sad and angry.  So much so, I'm shaking.  All of the people I tell this story to, are sympathetic.  None show any love of the cops.  Thank you to all those who showed solidarity and support.

Please help my partner, with her legal costs.  The indiegogo campaign is winding down, and we've only raised about 100$.  I'll be creating another one.  My partner does not deserve to be harassed by the cops, because of my political beliefs.  This is obviously targeting, and since they can't get me for anything more than fucking by law infractions, they're going after Mary.  Fuck the police.  All cops are bastards.(especially the 6 cowards last night)

To those who show exception to my language describing the cops.  You deal with the harassment for over a year, and then, you can chastise me for my language.  And to those who say, "Well, she was on bail, she should have known better" kindly fuck off.  You think I don't know that?  That's not what's up for discussion.

And to the cops who just finished reading this.  Do your job.  Stop harassing activist's.  Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you were actually scared that we might actually change something...and cause most of you to lose your jobs, once the system is finally exposed to everyone who can see.  I must be that much of threat to you fucks.  Otherwise, why would you continually harass and intimidate my family and I?  Don't worry though, You've just made me that much more determined.  Enjoy, as I slowly erode the confidence the public has in the LPS.  You guys get double inflation raises, and you don't even have the decency to treat the public like human beings.  Fuck you.  Fuck your hat.  And fuck your thuggish ways.

To be Continued...

[update: she's been released, and will be home soon.]

[update 2: she's home. chapter 2, will be a video tomorrow.]

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fuck The Police, or, the beginning of my book on police harassment.

I played this for the pigs as they were "making notes" on my front porch.
Btw, I'm posting this so people know, that yes, pigs are watching my every move.  Yes, pigs are watching my facebook, and no, I don't give a flying fuck.  So far, all they've come at me with is asinine, idiotic by-law infractions.  Go ahead piss weasels, try harder.  Please, I fucking dare you.  Oh, micheal(#109322), you're just making everyone you work with look bad.  You're a fucking asshole, and a fucking disgrace to so called peace officers everywhere....

Thankfully, you're not all assholes,but those who I seem to interact with on a regular basis are. I've met one recently who didn't fuck around with me, and he told me, when I asked about his "buddies" he said "they're not my buddies." Nice solidarity, eh?  I guess even some of your own are starting to see through the cracks. Finally.  Still, a long way to go though...

Anyway, pigs, you don't like being berated by someone who can actually see through your mask?  Then, if you somehow feel the need to enter my house again, IGNORE that feeling.  Since I know you're watching this, you can consider this my notice.  I've given it before, but I guess you're compadres failed to let you know.  Unless extingent circumstances exist, ie, you've got a warrant, or you hear death screams, or you saw a person you know who has commited some crime,(and by crime, like, murder, or assault, or even fraud, I could understand, really, that is your job, and I'm not really in any position to stop a person armed with a gun, a fucking billy club, and steel toed boots)  no COP has permission to enter my house.  Btw, if you did truly notice my door was open, then why didn't you call me first before entering, instead of calling me after you entered?(and why didn't you come in last time we didn't answer the door?  The door was clearly ajar then...)

I'll tell you one thing about today though.. there's nothing better than standing up to a bully and staring at him in the eye, and telling him he's a fucking asshole! :D :D :D

I'll leave you with the words of a friend of mine(I'm sure you already know her name)
"Isn't it terrible ... you feel secure enough in your home to leave it unlocked, for short periods of time whether you're home or not -- and that sense of privacy & security is shattered by the very people we're supposed to trust to protect our privacy & security from intruders and trespassers. There are any number of legitimate reasons for a person to ignore or miss a simple knock at the door (in the shower, napping, having sex, taking meds or other therapy, out for a few minutes, in another part of the house or property, etc) for anyone, police included, assume that that's an open invitation to try the door and then enter is a criminal act and should treated as such -- that's a gross abuse of 'power', and their friggin 'power' is granted by us, I wish we'd eliminate them, save ourselves a bundle of money and have safer communities."

Monday, June 17, 2013

Greg Renouf: Pwned

greg renouf, a thorn in the activist community for some time now, is getting hammered online now.  Multiple video's of his have been taken down, he's had to run to another host, in order to avoid having his website taken down.  (possibly several)  If you search "greg renouf" on bing, or google, both major search engines show multiple articles exposing him for who he really is.(including one from this page. :D)

It's gotten to the point, where he's taking down video's before youtube can respond.  Well, a little birdie did let him a roundabout way, that someone might be reporting his video's....(public post, in a place likely to be seen by his "research team{side, side note, LMFAO})

Anyway, I really just felt like making yet another post, to highlight the goofs twittery.  And to make sure that if anyone searches for him, or wants to hire him maybe, doesn't, so that he too can feel some of the burn he's lit under others.

Oh, that and I justed to make sure that I didn't miss any search terms....I'll probably miss a few, but I don't really care..seems to be working so far.  This blog does come up 3rd in a google search. :D  You know what comes up 4th?  The bullshit, misogyny laden "Avoiceformen.goofs".  Which a google search proudly shows that he is a contributor.  Now, greg has come out and said he doesn't wholesale agree with avfm, but at the same point in time, why would you write for them at all then?  Besides, I don't believe that for a second.  His best buds, frank(undercoverkitty) and larry(mccurry), are both misogynistic fucks, who seem to blame women for their problems.  And don't forget about ryan elson.  I mean, who could forget the video about "white genocide".  Oh right, you've probably never seen it.  I think his youtube account got pulled.  Speaking of accounts getting pulled, there's also this,
ryan's old blog.  the internet killed it.  Probably had something to do with ryan's goofiness.

But anyway, I do just so enjoy it when an ignorant fuck, get's shut down.  greg's getting google spanked.  Probably, because he enjoy's libel, defamation, and slander.

EDIT:  undercoverkitty is also down.  taken out for terms of service violations.  Guess that's what happens to idiots who post oppressive crap.  his page is back up, but I'm not going to say where.  lets just say, he's had to piggy back.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This is why you don't organize with people who think that oppression in any form is ok...

*la version francais suit.  aider à traduire est apprécié. : D mon ​​français est mauvais

Last saturday, millions of people around the world, marched against monsanto, a company responsible for more than just GMO's, but that's a topic for another post.  What I'm here to write about, is the culture of fear that has been created by the organizers at the Montreal march against monsanto.  Violence was threatened on people, even before the event started, on facebook.

This is fucking disgusting.  That the organizers would use the state to suppress the dissent within their own group.  It reeks of ignorance and privilege.

But lets not forget all the other people who have shown up here, to express their support for the suppression of dissent.  My french isn't the greatest, so I'll admit freely, that I've been using google translate to help my understanding.  Thankfully, my french is good enough, that I can read through the mistakes google makes, and at least get the gist of what some are saying.

And let me tell you, the hatred I see from some, who know practically nothing about the history of dissent, is a little overwhelming.  Some seem to think that state violence is ok against peaceful people, who just wanted to keep marching in defiance of P6, the unconstitutional law enacted by the city of montreal, in order to suppress dissent.  Some IDIOTS seem to think that telling the cops that a group of people who were previously marching with you in solidarity, are not actually with them, is a cool thing to do.

Well, Valerie L. Tender Pelletier, I hope you're happy.  Because honestly, I can't see any activist's wanting to work with you ever again, after the stunts you've pulled.  I've blocked you on facebook.  Because I don't want some idiot coming on to my wall and telling me what I can and cannot do as an activist.  Apparently, you don't understand diversity of tactics.  A subject I know you've been told to study, yet, still you remain fucking ignorant, like a good little slave.  I don't think you honestly realize how much damage you've done in the activist community.  You've created a culture of fear.  Fear that others within montreals activist community will targetted by fellow activists for the "crime" of dissenting against your tactics.  You make me sick.  And so do a lot of others on this page.  Police apologists, saying that the police were "only doing their job".  Others who refuse to see that there is even a problem.  Saying things like, "We're all in this together!"  Well, ya, we are, yet some seem to think it's ok to create division and fear by tell the cops that "these people" weren't with us, and so therefore, creating a situation in which dissent was criminalized, and people were pepper sprayed.

Anyway, a big FUCK YOU goes out to val.  My wish, is that you rememdy your ignorance, and learn about the suppression of dissent in this country.   Hell, you don't even have to look at that far from home, or that far into the past.  The Quebec student movement last year provides a wealth of information on the subject.

Samedi dernier, des millions de personnes à travers le monde, ont marché contre Monsanto, une entreprise responsable de plus que les OGM, mais c'est un sujet pour un autre poste. Ce que je suis ici à écrire, c'est la culture de la peur qui a été créé par les organisateurs à l'mars de Montréal contre Monsanto. Menaces de violence sur les personnes, avant même que l'événement a commencé, sur facebook.

Ceci est foutu dégoûtant. Que les organisateurs aimeraient utiliser l'État pour réprimer la dissidence au sein de leur propre groupe. Il pue l'ignorance et de privilège.

Mais n'oublions pas toutes les autres personnes qui ont manifesté ici, pour exprimer leur soutien pour la répression de la dissidence. Mon français n'est pas le plus grand, donc je l'avoue librement, que j'ai été en utilisant Google translate pour aider ma compréhension. Heureusement, mon français est assez bon, que je peux lire à travers les erreurs Google fait, et au moins obtenir l'essentiel de ce que certains disent.

Et laissez-moi vous dire, la haine que je vois de certains, qui savent pratiquement rien sur l'histoire de la dissidence, est un peu écrasante. Certains semblent penser que la violence étatique est ok contre des gens pacifiques, qui voulait juste garder marche au mépris du P6, la loi inconstitutionnelle édicté par la Ville de Montréal, afin de réprimer la dissidence. Certains IDIOTS semblent penser que raconter aux flics que un groupe de personnes qui étaient auparavant marchaient avec vous dans la solidarité, ne sont pas réellement avec eux, est une chose cool à faire.

Eh bien, Valerie L. Tender Pelletier, j'espère que vous êtes heureux. Parce que honnêtement, je ne peux pas voir tout militant est désireux de travailler avec vous plus jamais, après les cascades que vous avez tiré. Je vous ai bloqué sur facebook. Parce que je ne veux pas un idiot à venir sur mon mur et me dire ce que je peux et ne peux pas faire en tant que militante. Apparemment, vous ne comprenez pas la diversité des tactiques. Un sujet que je sais que vous avez été dit à étudier, encore, encore, vous restez putain ignorant, comme un bon petit esclave. Je ne pense pas que vous vous rendez compte honnêtement combien de dégâts que vous avez fait dans la communauté militante. Vous avez créé une culture de la peur. Peur que d'autres au sein MontréALS communauté militante seront ciblé par d'autres militants pour le «crime» de dissidents contre vos tactiques. Vous me rendez malade. Et donc faire beaucoup d'autres sur cette page. apologistes de la police, affirmant que les policiers étaient "seulement faire leur travail". D'autres qui refusent de voir qu'il ya encore un problème. Dire des choses comme, «Nous sommes tous dans le même bateau!" Eh bien, ya, nous le sommes, mais certains semblent penser qu'il est autorisé à créer la division et la peur de dire aux flics que «ces gens» ne sont pas avec nous, et donc de créer une situation dans laquelle la dissidence a été criminalisé, et les gens étaient aspergés de poivre.

Quoi qu'il en soit, un grand FUCK YOU va à val. Mon souhait, c'est que vous rememdy votre ignorance, et de s'informer sur la répression de l'opposition dans ce pays. L'enfer, vous n'avez même pas besoin de regarder très loin de la maison, ou que loin dans le passé. Le mouvement étudiant au Québec l'an dernier fournit une mine de renseignements sur le sujet.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


The recent bombing in Boston has got me pissed off. (and a "missile" attack on a Texas fertilizer plant) Yes, someone or someones, killed and maimed people.  Same thing happens to people every day in countries that we bomb.  And yes, I say we, because the nation state of canada, has been best bud's of the nation state of the u.s. since as long as anyone can really remember.  Ya, sometimes we have our differences, (lumber in bc...) but canada always seems to be at the u.s.' beck and call.

 I don't think innocents should ever die.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying that the u.s. deserves to get bomb, or have planes flown into it's buildings, but I also think they do invite retaliation with these endless wars for power and resources. But, that's not why I'm writing this.  I'm writing this, because of the endless bullshit that shows up on my facebook wall, every time some major catastrophic event happens where people die.  Boston Marathon, Newtown, Sandy Hook, and that's just within the last little while.  Do all of these events have to be some sort of false flag operation, where you get to call people what you want, because you think you know better, because someone like alex fucking jones feeds you bullshit, which you shovel down like ice cream, when it's really, just some runny shit.

Every "truther"(although I never used or liked the term myself) like myself(formerly), should eventually, WAKE UP!  Like I used to say all the time on my wall.  Well, I took my own advice.  Take a little bit of time, and do some research.  On how to do research.   Remember grade school science class?  Ya, that wasn't meant to enslave you...that was meant to educate you about how the universe works.  Most of your conspiracies, require a different universe.  Where the laws of physics change a bit...

The first conspiracy theory that I was ever really exposed to was that of JFK's assisination.  And all I got to say is, "Back and to the left.  .... Back and to the left." ~Bill Hicks  The next big one, actually happened in my lifetime.  9/11 and controlled demolition.  3 skyscrapers, and numerous other buildings fell, as the debris from the falling towers fell on them, after planes had ripped through the superstructure.  And even though, there has never been any credible evidence of a controlled demolition, other than the video's, which, if you take a closer look, don't actually look like controlled demolitions at all.  Take a look at a controlled demolition.

 Notice how the WHOLE building falls into itself.  For the most part.  Then look at the towers falling(easy to find on youtube).  With the exception of building 7, which had burned UNCONTROLLABLY, 7-8 hours before falling, as rescue workers were notably busy with casualties, the 2 towers fell from the top down.

now, you conspiracy theorist's are probably thinking right now, but that video proves 9/11 was an inside job.    Look how they fell, and it looked exactly like 9/11.  And sorry, but no, you're wrong.  I post that video, because it shows a "top down" demolition.  Which mimics exactly what happened to the towers.  A point of impact or fault is introduced to the structure, thereby compromising the entire thing.  With this building in the video, you can see that it was done properly, so that the building falls into its own footprint.  HEY LOOK!!! IT FUCKING PANCAKED! (below the point of fault) With 9/11, you can clearly see one of the towers tilting before collapsing on itself.  If you understand some basic physics concepts, like thermodynamics, and can actually look up the facts, such as the structural strenth of steel and concrete, plus grade school science like mass x acceleration=force(that's actually a calculation which can do) can give you approx. numbers on 9/11.  It doesn't take much to realize that the impact of a fueled plane, could easily damage the towers, and that after an hour of fire,(what, you think the jet fuel is the only thing that burns in office towers?)

I know, it's hard.  But it's time for you to finally wake up, and reject that which needs to be rejected, accept that which is left over. That's really your RESPONSIBILITY. You might come to some interesting conclusions, nothing of which that should stop you from activism.  All of which should make you want to fight even harder.  I've been rejected many people over the last while, because I can't deal with bullshit conspiracies.  I've been pre-empting many discussion's that will only lead to me being angry, because I can't handle idiots who can't handle basic science.

 Or wallow in the feeling that there's nothing to be done, the end is nigh, and the struggle can never be won, and we should just go hide out in the woods somewhere.  Don't get me wrong, I totally recognize the value of the skills many of my truther friends have.  But I totally reject the fallacies that led some to that point.  Honestly, it's the lack of understanding both sides to every story that gets me.  Have you ever honestly spent the time trying to disprove your theories?  Because that's what real research is.  You can "prove" anything.  But to really prove something, you have to totally disprove every other theory on the subject.   Something most conspiracy theorist never try to do, but instead distract with questions that aren't related at all.  And subject themselves to confirmation bias, and totally ignore the facts of any given situation, if it doesn't agree with the theory.

I'm just angry that so many people have fallen for this shit.  Including myself.  Because I rejected(not entirely, but mostly) grade school science.  Until I realized that in order to move forward, I needed to accept that I was wrong, on many things, because I didn't study properly.   I still am wrong from time to time, and if I am, challenge me.  Prove it.  Otherwise, shut it.  I really don't have time to listen to some people talk about bullshit.  Scientists and researchers always want to prove their theory, but in order to get there, they have to disprove all other options.  Conspiracy theorist also want to prove their theory, but in order to be a conspiracy theorist, you basically have to accept that science, the stuff you learned in grade school, should be thrown out the window, any argument you hear from someone else against your views should be automatically challenged, because it distracts from the "truth", and that person is probably a gov't agent, or mkultra'd.  Instead of of thinking, "Hmmm, maybe I am being an asshole.  Maybe I should learn how to research, and how to check my sources properly."

Man, I wish I got mkultra'd.  At least the drugs would have been better.

Friday, April 5, 2013


So, I've noticed recently that the goof, known as greg renouf, has placed a link with my name to a cute little video he made up of me.  i think greg loves me, and I'd have his babies, but I think that the children would be a little confused...  On one hand, a parent who actually cares for people, and the other, an ignorant goof.  The child would probably self destruct.
But that's not why I'm writing this.  As much as I'd love to have babies with the goof, I don't think that bringing children into a world with goofs is a good thing.  Probably not.  The real reason I'm writing this, is to thank the goof.  He has placed me in the same hallowed spot as Harsha Walia.  I know, there are way more deserving people of that spot, but oh well.  the goof isn't all that smart, so I guess we'll just have to forgive him.
Thanks goof, for placing me on the same pedestal that you placed Harsha.  I couldn't ask for a better compliment.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Greg Renouf: Professional Goof - Featuring

The defamation being done by Greg Renouf, to multiple targets in the past, should make any good activist think twice about associating themselves with him. Now, that defamation has crossed a line, not very many of us, could ever have imagined.

GR, herein known as "the goof" or "goof" or any any such variation, has published a video on youtube that shows parents out at rallies or events with their children, and libels those parents by calling them child abusers, for keeping their children out with them in the cold for "hours." I have been to many activist's events, in the winter months, and not only are those children bundled up well, or right next to the parents body(body heat is cool isn't it?), but I would think that most parents are concerned enough for their children's well being to take them into a warm place if need be. We human being survived with way less bundling up, and warm places to go, for many, many years, so I don't really see how it could be child abuse to bundle up your children and go outside for a couple hours.And goof...c'mon, wtf? There's a guy standing there with a fucking t-shirt on. Babies get bundled up. If someone can walk around with a t shirt, surely a bundled up baby, with a tent over the stroller, will be comfortable for some time.

Anyway goof, don't you have better things to do with your time, then take pictures of children without their parents permission or consent?  Seems more than a little creepy don't you think?  There is one thing though, that's been running through my mind. I may have mentioned it before, in that I mean goof, in every way, except one.  Well, now you're making me wonder.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Ode to my Wife

I love my wife.  Very very much.  She is much the reason why I am able to do what I am doing, and without her, I don't know where I'd be right now.  She influences me in ways I really can't explain, except to say, that I wouldn't be able to do what I am doing without her.  She is the love of my life.  She is the unsung hero of my activism.  And all too often, I fail to recognize that.  I know that I am not the best partner in the world, but nor am I the worst.  I only say that assuage my own guilt I suppose, and really, I should be getting off these "I" statements.

Mary, you are the best thing that ever happened to me.  And I love you so much.  Words can not begin to describe how how much.  You love me, hold me, comfort me, and I only want to return the same thing.
Never leave me, my love.  I will never leave you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

haLF PasT Cr@Zy fRom @LL tHiS $h|T

Just because you don't always hear about us activist's in the news, doesn't mean we're not still here and working to make the world a better place.  Why aren't you doing the same?  Why aren't you doing something?%#$#

Step one for those who can.  Work contracts.  Step two, stop paying into the system as much as you possibly can.  Grow your own food, and learn how to process it.  Withold taxes.  Stop paying them where you can.  The whole system is morally bankrupt, so step 3, is merely, do what you can, where you can, when you can, and however the fuck you can.(that's reallly one step, but I liked the sentence, so I leave it :-)===)  Angry with the corporate state?  Smash it.  Destroy it.  Even a little.  Want to smash patriarchy?  Kill a rapist.  How abouts organizing a mass march against racism at the exact same time as white power nazi scum decide to march, on the same route.  Make sure to bring some hard flagpoles with the black and reds held high.  And remember who it was that was saluting the harper gov't when bill c-304 was passed.  Go to meetings, help organize community events, like round dances in solidarity with Idle No More and rallies in support of the Palestinian people.  Speak loudly on buses, in public places about these problems.  I want my conversations overheard.  I want people to start talking about issues with eachother, or at the very least, go educate themselves when they get home.  I want them to stop whatever it is they're doing, and demand and work for POSITIVE change.  Not the sham that THEY benefit politically and economically from.

Barak promised change.  But he's just brought more of the same.  Kind of glad that stephens main voting strategy was kittens and sweater vests..  Had it been something more intelligent, well, I'd hate to think of what kind of crap he'd spew.  I can actually kinda see it now...  Thousands of people on parliament hill.  Spilling out onto the street. Right hands held straight and high.  The chanting of the crowd.  Hail harper! Hail harper!

But seriously, harper seems to think that he and his cronies can run this pony show.  And run many of the same things just as badly as previous generations.  We are sure to get more of the same in the future.  Unless people are willing and able to make the changes in their own lives, to benefit their communities first. First off, to see exactly what it is they are missing from most mainstream sources, because, it's not like the public fool system really ever teaches kids about the problems with the state in civics class, instead preferring to just brush off questions on many aspects, because "delving into the details would take too long, curtis."  or whatever.  I've had bad teachers and good teachers, but I didn't learn about civics in class.  Yeah, good for the system.  Could have made things a lot clearer, but instead we only get a one sided view.  Because if you knew the limits, you'd realize, that they are there for the protection of the state, not the citizen.   As pointed out before, a morally bankrupt state.  A state enforced by a thug class, who walk around with guns, billy clubs, tasers, and steel toed boots, ready to attack and/or intimidate those who randomly try to exercise their rights.

Anyway, there is a cat scratching the door, a cold wind blowing, and the possibility of pigs being across the street is high.  I wonder if they're idling?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

An Open Fucking Letter To Ezra Levant

A big fuck you goes out to ezra levant.   On his pseudo newsy, jive-ass, racist show recently, ezra thought it would be ok, to use a picture of mine, without properly attributing it.  Now, I have a creative commons watermark on all my pictures, which would normally require that media personalities, such as this goof, have to attribute those who's work he uses.

He didn't do that.  In fact, he lied, and said it was the "official" page of the Aamjinwnaang Rail blockade.  In fact, it was The Indignants Facebook group, which has nothing to do with Idle No More in particular.  We're a media group.  Yet sun news let him run with it.

I'm asking for a proper attribution, and an apology for not respecting Creative Commons licensing.  Ezra, for a lawyer, don't you want to comply with the law?  Because technically, you just broke it. LAW BREAKER!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Long live Free Speech! Free speech is dead!

Did you know, that in London, Ontario, you can be charged with "contempt of cop?"  Well, now you can!  Just think, you're walking down the street, and you say fuck a few times in conversation with someone, and you too can be charged with contempt of cop.  Yes, that's right, if there's a cop in the vicinity  and you say fuck, maybe even in conversation with the cop, you too can get a summons to court!

But in all seriousness, since when is using profanity against the law?  I was taught that we live in a free country, where free speech is paramount to a free and democratic society.  This doesn't mean that agents of the state get to decide what amounts to free speech and what doesn't.  The cops would have let the fuckin' nazi's march in our streets, in a mistaken belief that hate speech is free speech, for fucks sake.

Here's the encounter that's led to this fucked up situation for those interested in what a police state looks like:

A little background now.  For the previous few months before this, the police had been very interested in all things Occupy.  I fail to see how an uninvited group would think it's ok to "observe" and "monitor" a peaceful group of activists.  They wonder why I'm so outspoken and critical?  Maybe because they forgot what police work is really about.  Like catching real criminals.  Like kidnappers, rapists, and murderers.

But this is easy work.  Watching a bunch of people rally.  Not like you have to do much.  Just stand there, and be a reminder that if you try to do anything "bad" we're gonna getcha.  Oh, better not march on the streets now, better not be too loud, better not FUCKING SWEAR!  Ooops.. I'm sooooo sorry.

And you know, if you want to say,"Oh, well, you're in the wrong, they were just doing their job", well, sorry, but you'll have to excuse me when I say this is classic intimidation tactics by the state.  This is how it starts people.  With the surveillance and persecution of peaceful activists.  To believe otherwise, is to be truly naive and ignorant.  A history lesson might be in order.  But that'll have to be another post.  For now, lets just say, I don't believe in standing idly by, while someone violates me.  In any way, shape, or form.

A few weeks ago, I was walking downtown.  I noticed a woman being questioned by the police.  As I was walking by, the one cop started calling my name, and said, "hey, I've got a ticket for you".  He was lying to me.  There was never any ticket.  It was an weak attempt at trying to get me to stop to intimidate me.  I ignored him, and continued about my business.

So I went to pay my bill.  When I was in the store, I saw the cornelius nieuwland walk by the door in the hallway and hesitate when he saw me.  He continued and I finished paying my bill.  As I walked out the store, mike pottruff started following me, and calling my name.  I got fed up, and took out my phone and started filming.  I hit the record button twice by accident, so didn't get any footage of my first discussion.  I turned the other direction and walked away.  I started filming myself at this point, to try and document my experience, and noticed that mike had also turned around.  cornelius was waiting at the corner(right beside a "No Loitering sign ironicly) and mike went to join him.  Anyway, you can watch that vid here:


mike says that he's got a summons for me at this point.  I'm well aware that no fucking beat pig is going to have a summons on his person, and therefore, has no reason to stop and harass me, other than to practice intimidation techniques.

I don't respond well to so called "authority" figures overstepping their mandates.  Fuck bacon.  You want to intimidate and harass peaceful activist's, you've got another thing coming.  I'll fight this, because it is the right thing to do.  We let cops violate our rights, then we are asking for trouble.  The only thing I am guilty of, is "contempt of cop" and that's not a fucking crime pigs.

See ya in court.

Join the Facebook Solidarity Event!

mike pottruff #109322 cornelius nieuwland #303838

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fixing the world, isn't hard. Unless you love money.

I want to share something I've heard from people who have been to Gaza in Occupied Palestine.  They say the people there relate, that they hope they never become as oppressed as the Original People of Turtle Island.  It is their worst nightmare.

Colonization has to end. Now.  NOT End Civ(great video though).  END COLONIZATION!  Live together, without fucking over the Original People. Without fucking over immigrants, or women, or minorities, or temporary farm labourers, or doctors, or teachers, or unions, or hospitals.  Don't fix the economy, dismantle it.  Slowly enough so the pain isn't felt, but quick enough to actually make meaningful change.  Like, say, food for everyone.  There is NO FUCKING REASON, why ANYONE should have to go hungry in this world.  MONEY and the ECONOMY, are the only things that stop it.  Attawaspiskat needs houses.  But they won't get houses, because they don't have the money.  Chemical valley needs some huge changes.  But they won't, because they're FUCKING ADDICTED to MONEY.  The kids from Davis Inlet still have problems.  And what the gov't did, errr, wait a sec, DIDN'T do to help them(but really could have with all that money they spent on RELOCATING?#!#$!????? them), fucking disgusts me. Don't you think it's time for a new paradigm?

Stop living the lie.  Stop perpetuating the lies. Harper is bad, yes, but the system he works in is far, far worse.  Unless you'd rather argue that wars a good thing?  How we should go off into other countries, just because we need their oil?  Oh, but I guess it must be ok to go "liberate" people who don't want, nor require, our "liberation's".

Micheal Moore wrote an excellent status on facebook.  I'll repost in it's entirety at the bottom for those of you not on the book o' faces.  Now, facebook's automated system has given him a slap, because some group of idiots have reported him.  WTF?  I've had this happen myself.  Mostly for nudity, or near nudity. :O  Kinda annoying when fb cuts off your account for a month, because of some boob.  I like boob.  I'm a man.  I'm not afraid to admit it.  Ok ok, breasts...  I happen to enjoy the female form.  Kinda makes me feel funny... Like that we used to climb the rope in gym class man.  Anyway, hitting some borders with that last one.  This all started as a post on fb.  Fitting that it should about me talking about it.  peace out y'all. Strong are the farts of this one, hmmm.

 I don't support the troops, America, and neither do you. I am tired of the ruse we are playing on these brave citizens in our armed forces. And guess what -- a lot of these soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines see right through the bullshit of those words, “I support the troops!,” spoken by Americans with such false sincerity -- false because our actions don’t match our words. These young men and women sign up to risk their very lives to protect us -- and this is what they get in return:

1. They get sent off to wars that have NOTHING to do with defending America or saving our lives. They are used as pawns so that the military-industrial complex can make billions of dollars and the rich here can expand their empire. By “supporting the troops,” that means I’m supposed to shut up, don’t ask questions, do nothing to stop the madness, and sit by and watch thousands of them die? Well, I’ve done an awful lot to try and end this. But the only way you can honestly say you support the troops is to work night and day to get them out of these hell holes they’ve been sent to. And what have I done this week to bring the troops home? Nothing. So if I say “I support the troops," don't believe me -- I clearly don't support the troops because I’ve got more important things to do today, like return an iPhone that doesn’t work and take my car in for a tune up.

2. While the troops we claim to “support” are serving their country, bankers who say they too "support the troops," foreclose on the actual homes of these soldiers and evict their families while they are overseas! ( ) Have I gone and stood in front of the sheriff's deputy as he is throwing a military family out of their home? No. And there's your proof that I don't “support the troops,” because if I did, I would organize mass sit-ins to block the doors of these homes. Instead, I'm having Chilean sea bass tonight.

3. How many of you who say you "support the troops" have visited a VA hospital to bring aid and comfort to the sick and wounded? ( ) I haven't. How many of you have any clue what it's like to deal with the VA? ( ) I don't. Therefore, you would be safe to say that I don't “support the troops," and neither do you.

4. Who amongst you big enthusiastic “supporters of the troops” can tell me the approximate number of service women who have been raped while in the military? Answer: 19,000 (mostly) female troops are raped or sexually assaulted every year by fellow American troops. ( ) What have you or I done to bring these criminals to justice? What's that you say -- out of sight, out of mind? These women have suffered, and I've done nothing. So don't ever let me get away with telling you I “support the troops” because, sadly, I don't. And neither do you.

5. Help a homeless vet today? How 'bout yesterday? Last week? Last year? Ever? But I thought you "support the troops!"? The number of homeless veterans is staggering -- on any given night, at least 60,000 veterans are sleeping on the streets of the country that proudly “supports the troops.” ( ) This is disgraceful and shameful, isn’t it? And it exposes all those "troop supporters" who always vote against social programs that would help these veterans. Tonight there are at least 12,700 Iraq/Afghanistan veterans homeless and sleeping on the street. I've never lent a helping hand to one of the many vets I've seen sleeping on the street. I can't bear to look, and I walk past them very quickly. That's called *not* “supporting the troops,” which, I guess, I don't -- and neither do you.

6. And you know, the beautiful thing about all this "support" you and I have been giving the troops -- they feel this love and support so much, a record number of them are killing themselves every single week. In fact, there are now more soldiers killing themselves than soldiers being killed in combat (332 suicides in 2012 through November vs. about 210 combat deaths). Yes, you are more likely to die by your own hand in the United States military than by al Qaeda or the Taliban. And an estimated eighteen veterans kill themselves each day, or one in five of all U.S. suicides -- though no one really knows because we don't bother to keep track. Now, that's what I call support! These troops are really feeling the love, people! Lemme hear you say it again: "I support the troops!" Louder! "I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!" There, that's better. I'm sure they heard us. Don't forget to fly our flag, wear your flag lapel pin, and never, ever let a service member pass you by without saying, "Thank you for your service!" I'm sure that's all they need to keep from putting a bullet in their heads. Do your best to keep your "support" up for the troops because, God knows, I certainly can't any longer. 

I don't “support the troops” or any of those other hollow and hypocritical platitudes uttered by Republicans and frightened Democrats. Here's what I do support: I support them coming home. I support them being treated well. I support peace, and I beg any young person reading this who's thinking of joining the armed forces to please reconsider. Our war department has done little to show you they won’t recklessly put your young life in harm's way for a cause that has nothing to do with what you signed up for. They will not help you once they've used you and spit you back into society. If you're a woman, they will not protect you from rapists in their ranks. And because you have a conscience and you know right from wrong, you do not want yourself being used to kill civilians in other countries who never did anything to hurt us. We are currently involved in at least a half-dozen military actions around the world. Don't become the next statistic so that General Electric can post another record profit -- while paying no taxes -- taxes that otherwise would be paying for the artificial leg that they've kept you waiting for months to receive.

I support you, and will try to do more to be there for you. And the best way you can support me -- and the ideals our country says it believes in -- is to get out of the military as soon as you can and never look back.

And please, next time some “supporter of the troops” says to you with that concerned look on their face, “I thank you for your service,” you have my permission to punch their lights out (figuratively speaking, of course).

(There is something I've done to support the troops -- other than help lead the effort to stop these senseless wars. At the movie theater I run in Michigan, I became the first person in town to institute an affirmative action plan for hiring returning Iraq/Afghanistan vets. I am working to get more businesses in town to join with me in this effort to find jobs for these returning soldiers. I also let all service members in to the movies for free, everyday.)